About EcoEnergoVent company

О компании ЭкоЭнергоВент

The main task of EcoEnergoVent company (Saint-Petersburg) is focused on reduction of capital and operating costs in ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Our specialists have a long-term experience of practical implementation of energy saving solutions related to ventilation and air conditioning in various Russian facilities. Use of the energy saving ventilation equipment results in serious economic effect when operating the facility and constructing this facility as well.

Engineers of our company will offer you several alternatives to solve the issues related to ventilation, air conditioning, individual climate control, and they will assist you to choose the optimal technical energy saving solution that provides compensation and payback of the investments and guarantees energy efficient use of the ventilation equipment for 15-20-year period.

Provided current prices of energy resources a payback period of the investments made in energy saving solution on the basis of the ventilation equipment offered by EcoEnergoVent company makes up 2-3 years. Construction costs are reduced also. Saving of the initial investments made in construction project can be compared with the cost of the ventilation equipment.

EcoEnergoVent company uses in his operation mainly the products of EXHAUST concern (Denmark), which has been specializing in development and production of energy saving ventilation equipment over 50 years.